Why Deegit?

  • Deegit has demonstrated a high degree of flexibility; scalability and service orientation to enable us meet the strategic goals for some of our largest IT initiatives.

    Ajay Sah —
    Director of Recruiting, A Big 4 Consulting Firm
  • I cannot say enough good things about this company, its people, and the way they do business. They get it done, and they get it done right.

    Robert Roark —
    ERP Practice Lead (Big 5)
  • Finding a loyal vendor that you can rely on and trust 100% is a very difficult task in the market today, but Deegit has made this possible for us.

    Meghan McNeil —
    Recruiting Manager, A Big 4 Consulting Firm

1 in 3 submitted candidates are hired by our clients.

*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data

Suppliers deliver. Deegit partners.

Deegit Benefits of Staffing Services

For almost quarter of a century we've based our business on a single premise: Get the job done.

Sure enough, that's what all agencies do.
However, at Deegit, we define a job not as a talent requisition to be filled.

Your request for talent is an opportunity for us to excel in finding the right person for the job; an opportunity for that person to further their career growth; an opportunity for your company to offer a better product and service.

Only after realizing the entirety of these opportunities do we really get the job done.

Staffing is a lot more than just filling a vacant seat.

Read on to understand how exactly we can help you meet your goals, whether you own a business, are responsible for staffing your organization, or are looking for a job change.

It takes an average of 52 DAYS to fill an open position.

Source: Bersin by Deloitte, April 2015

Deegit will provide candidates to you in up to 3 days.

*Based on 2015-2016 Deegit applicant tracking data


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